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Sanded grout is a porous material and even under the best conditions will become soiled and stained. GroutLine Solutions will eliminate this problem by "color sealing" your grout. Our sealer not only guarantees that you will have beautifully consistent colored grout but it will resist stains from food, drinks and dirt.

Our cleaning and color sealing process restores your soiled grout lines to a beautiful "like new" appearance. They can protect new and old installations alike. In the long run this process saves you time, money and effort of scrubbing your tile grout on your hands and knees.

So avoid expensive re-grouting . Let GroutLine Solutions restore your grout lines to "like new" condition.

1. Does the cleaning and sealing take a long time?
An average bathroom or kitchen will take approximately 3-7 hours to clean and seal.

2. Can you match my existing color of my grout?
Yes. GroutLine Solutions has numerous color sealers for all sanded and un-sanded types grout. You can have any color you wish. Even under the best conditions, even new grout has different shades. We simply match the color you desire to insure a consistent shade of grout color. Our color sealer absorbs into the pores of your grout for a long lasting/uniform finish.

3. What is the dry time?
You can walk on it in 10 to 12 minutes, however it takes 48 hours to fully cure. Keep sealed areas dry for 48 hours to ensure best results.

4. How often do you have to clean the grout once restored?
Experts agree, you should clean your floor once a week using a PH Neutral/Soap-Less cleaner like Grout Shields Maintenance Cleaner. When cleaning the floor it's important to change your mop water when it appears dirty. Always use a mop to agitate cleaning agent on grout surface. Dry grout with towel or terry cloth. Should any area have dried up surface stains simply spot clean with straight Grout Shields Maintenance Cleaner.

5. How often do you have to reseal the grout after first application?
Depending on conditions, with proper maintenance, a floor can last indefinitely.

6. How much does it cost to have my grout cleaned and color sealed? Pricing is a function of total square feet, size and type of tile. We'll come to your home and give you a free written estimate.

7. I'm curious, why did my kitchen grout become so soiled in the first's only a few years old? Rarely do tile installers seal grout. Why? Because new grout needs to cure for several days before it can be sealed. Meantime, dirty mop water finds its way into the grout pores.


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